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A head shot of Jared Lunde

Software Engineer

I am self-motivated and take pride in everything I write. I strive to create software that makes development intuitive, deployment reliable, and iterating rapid.

Professionally I have grown websites to 8-figure daily page view counts handling up to 12,000 active users at a time. One of my properties consistently reached the Alexa top 1000 list (top 500 US). Another appeared in popular media on, Dr. Phil, the Bill Cunningham Show, and Workaholics.

Skill set


  • Self-employed for entire professional career
  • Engineered, grew, and exited two self-funded, high traffic websites


  • 12 years developing websites
  • 5 years programming in React
  • 85+ public GitHub repositories
  • 10,000+ weekly NPM downloads


  • Began career in visual design
  • 13 years creating user experiences
  • 2 years in professional branding

Technical competencies


  • JavaScript,
  • Node.js,
  • Python,
  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • SCSS,
  • SQL,
  • GraphQL,
  • Bash


  • React,
  • Apollo,
  • Serverless Framework,
  • Webpack,
  • Rollup,
  • Express,
  • Flask,
  • Redis,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • MySQL,


  • Lambda,
  • API Gateway,
  • RDS,
  • VPC,
  • CloudFormation,
  • Route 53,
  • S3,
  • CloudFront,
  • ElastiCache,
  • SNS,
  • SQS,
  • Parameter Store

Open source

Professional experience

StellarVisit Stellar's website

Software Engineer, Founder

Served as the founder of a lead generation and web development firm in Denver, Colorado. Designed environments for rapidly releasing accessible landing pages tailored to convert ad campaigns. Focused on beautiful, lightweight pages for fast load times on everything from international 3G to broadband devices.

  • Developed a rich suite of frontend libraries for rapidly launching and iterating on serverless landing pages for ad campaigns
  • Delivered pages in <3.5 sec TTI on slow 4G devices
  • Generated as many as 100 quality leads for clients each month

React, Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, AWS

Cool Story,, et al.Software Engineer, Co-Founder

Served as the technical co-founder for high traffic entertainment and social media websites. Solely designed, programmed, and scaled multiple web properties from zero to millions in daily visitors. Exited two properties via a sale of assets.

  • Consistently delivered as many as 12 million page views to 1.8 million visitors per day with 99.99% uptime
  • Reliably served content which created up to $1M in revenue per year at a 75% margin on infrastructure and bandwidth costs
  • Transcoded as many as 5,000 videos and GIFs each day targeting mobile and desktop viewing devices

JavaScript, Sass, REST, Python, MySQL, Redis, FFMPEG